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Movement Begets Groovement, a little at a time

Hooping @ HomeAfter a long period of being stuck and kinda scared, I am coming out of my funk.  Or maybe I should say I’m getting into my funk and Franti ~ through movement.

During our brutal winter, the couch became my little desert island of safety and warmth.  I knew joining  a gym because I “should” was not going to work to get me moving, so I began to make just the tiniest of movements to get back in the groove.

Inspired by Nia’s Five Stages, I started this practice of very basic moves each morning: stretching, creeping, crawling, squatting and up to standing and walking.   The movements were small and slow to start.  I creeped and crawled out of my way. Then onto swaying, stretching, shifting feet, swinging arms, gentle rebounding and dancing.    The more I moved, the more I wanted to move.

Amazingly a flow movement space recently opened in little old Sussex Boro, NJ.  They offer hooping and many movement classes.  One teacher hosts a monthly ecstatic dance class at the new Whirled Revolution .  The beauty of this Gabrielle Roth inspired practice is the full spectrum of movement to stillness is all good.  I am still shy in my dance and movement.  There is a level of freedom in free dance that can be a bit overwhelming.  Each month I move a little deeper inward and outward.

I am thankful Whirled Revolution has created a safe space to try on different types of movement for every body.  I have dabbled in their tai chi and hooping classes and I am feeling drawn to try more movement adventures.

I am so glad that rather then dive into a gym membership, I let my movement or groovement practice unfold.  As I continue my practice of tiny movements into larger ones, I am feeling better and life is starting to flow with more ease too.






Nia Turning February to “Fab”ruary


February is the longest shortest month, imho.  But my “move with joy” new year’s resolution is going strong. 

Finally having Nia classes in our area is a huge help.  And being a part of the Nia Jam was the highlight of my Fabulous Fabruary.  25 beauties danced, sighed, punched, kicked and smiled through the 90 minute session that went by in a Heart Beat! 

Our Jam was lead by the amazing goddesses Kim Lane, Bernadette Pleasant, Alina Taubman, Leena Gabrielsen and Teresa D’Angelo.  Each them brought their firey, sexy, ethereal energy to the dance and brought out those essences in me.  It was absolutely blissful to move my way, in joy.  This Nia is very powerful stuff.

Bi-weekly classes on Sunday at  Chow & Zen are all I can attend in my area right now.  It’s a start and I know Nia will find it’s footing in our area – one body/mind/soul at a time.


Northwest New Jersey’s First EVER Nia Jam!!!

Northwest New Jersey's First EVER Nia Jam!!!

Nia speaks to my Soul and helps connect my Mind and Body in the most fun movement exercise class ever! More like festival dancing, just indoors! What’s not to LOVE!?

Northwest New Jersey is hosting it’s first ever Nia Jam, a 90 minute intro to Nia Dance movement combining Dance Arts, Healing Arts and Martial Arts to High Energy Music!

The jam is FREE and takes place this Sunday 3pm to 4:30 at the gorgeous Chow & Zen Massage & Holistic Center, 14 Bridge Street, in Blairstown, NJ.  Donations will be accepted for the Lone Star Paralysis Foundation.  Dress to move, heal and have a blast!  More details at Nia New Jersey website.

And you can RSVP at 0r call 862-266-1754.

Move with Joy!

Happy New Yous!

My New Year’s intention for 2013 is to move with joy through life.  I’m talking about moving to music, dancing, hooping, and rebounding.  I’m also talking about putting a little Soul Train boogie into each moment, whether it’s doing the dishes or walking the dog.

I used to go see a lot of music.  One of my favorite things to do.  I miss it, but not the scene.  What I realized is I missed is the DanCing!  I’ve been waiting to go someplace to hear music and dance.  Well that just wasn’t happening as often as I’d like.   So I wait no more.  I dance in my living room to P-Funk.  I Hoop to Jamiroquai.   And I take Nia classes!

Yes Nia!

What the heck is it?  It’s fun!  It’s movement! It’s for all bodies!  I am not a graceful petite flower kinda girl.  But Nia is about moving what you got, in a way that is intuitive and healing.  Yeah there is choreography involved, but you do what you can and modify where you need. It has been a long time coming, Nia classes are finally happening up in my neck of these northwest woods! you can go to for more chances to get your groove on.

Come join us! We will be dancing on alternate Sundays starting Sunday January 6th, 1pm at Chow & Zen, 14 Bridge Street, Blairstown, NJ  07860. On the other Sundays, we’ll get tribal with the very earthy and sexy tribal belly dance.  We have an absolute hoot with Toni Grenz. So we got dance going on every Sunday this winter.  What better way to keep those winter blues at bay?!

So turn up this blog post and let it rip!