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Movement Begets Groovement, a little at a time

Hooping @ HomeAfter a long period of being stuck and kinda scared, I am coming out of my funk.  Or maybe I should say I’m getting into my funk and Franti ~ through movement.

During our brutal winter, the couch became my little desert island of safety and warmth.  I knew joining  a gym because I “should” was not going to work to get me moving, so I began to make just the tiniest of movements to get back in the groove.

Inspired by Nia’s Five Stages, I started this practice of very basic moves each morning: stretching, creeping, crawling, squatting and up to standing and walking.   The movements were small and slow to start.  I creeped and crawled out of my way. Then onto swaying, stretching, shifting feet, swinging arms, gentle rebounding and dancing.    The more I moved, the more I wanted to move.

Amazingly a flow movement space recently opened in little old Sussex Boro, NJ.  They offer hooping and many movement classes.  One teacher hosts a monthly ecstatic dance class at the new Whirled Revolution .  The beauty of this Gabrielle Roth inspired practice is the full spectrum of movement to stillness is all good.  I am still shy in my dance and movement.  There is a level of freedom in free dance that can be a bit overwhelming.  Each month I move a little deeper inward and outward.

I am thankful Whirled Revolution has created a safe space to try on different types of movement for every body.  I have dabbled in their tai chi and hooping classes and I am feeling drawn to try more movement adventures.

I am so glad that rather then dive into a gym membership, I let my movement or groovement practice unfold.  As I continue my practice of tiny movements into larger ones, I am feeling better and life is starting to flow with more ease too.