Newton moving on up

Newton Street Festival

Newton Street Festival

Happy Birthday Newton!

You threw a sweet little street fair to celebrate your 150th.

I love a good street fair. They bring back memories of block parties in my old neighborhood.

If I had my way, Spring Street would close up to traffic regularly during the summer.  Street Fairs are good business.  They increase sales, visitors and give vendors a chance to sell their goods on a main street.

Sussex county needs all the help it can get and give to entrepreneurs.  Street Fairs and Farmers Markets help raise people and community up.

Sugary treat: dry ice volcano drink.

Sugary treat: dry ice volcano drink.

There were carnival concoctions, like the volcano drinks . Okay, not our usually healthy fare, but worth it for the special effects.

In addition to the vendors, a few new shops opened up on Spring Street.  The Newton Theater has helped lift up nearby shops and restaurants.

We stopped in the new penny candy store, just for a look see.   I didn’t take any home, but I  loved the colors of the decor and the sweets.   There was even a little homeschooling info.  We got a walking tour brochure, detailing all the historical buildings in town and their Greek, Roman and Italian influences.

Newton has had ups and downs, but anything that brings people together along with arts and music will keep this town going.

20140614_161232Can’t wait for the next street fair in northwest new jersey!





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