No more gasoline…in my lawnmower

I was told when I moved to Sussex County that if you don’t mow your lawn “people will think your subversive. ”

I kinda like that.  If my front yard meadow, keeps you guessing, then so be it.

Before cutting my front lawn, in spring, I forage onion greens, garlic mustard and dandelion to make at least one batch of wild pesto. That ought to get the neighbors talking…

I have added some meadow zones, where I don’t cut the lawn on the side of the house and backyard.  To be neighborly, I still cut the front lawn with my new electric mover.  I love that I don’t have to buy gasoline, change oil, filters or nearly rip my arm of my socket when I try to start the gas mower.

I will save money over time according to this chart from Mowers Direct:

Gas-Electric Cost Chart








I got mine from Lowe’s in Newton for under $200.  Home Depot didn’t have any electric mowers in  stock. Sears had one but it was very pricey.  Self propelled and cordless models go for a bit more.

There is movement to get away from gas mowers. Some towns are offering rebates when you switch from gas to electric powered mowers.  Electric works great for a not huge lawn and it is much quieter.

I’m not off the grid, with this choice, but at least I’m a little closer.  I hope trends in lawn meadows, raised beds, front yard orchards and other uses for boring old lawns continue to grow.   And if do still need a lawn mower in the future, I hope my next one is solar powered !



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