Honing in on my Passion(s)

Easy ways to improve visibility and interest in your business here in Northwest NJ.

Easy ways to improve visibility and interest in your business here in Northwest NJ.

As this blog moves away from an overview of what is going on in Northwest New Jersey and more into my own experiences, you may notice some changes.

I have been doing promotion for small businesses, entrepreneurs and local events for some time.

I now am shifting towards other passions.  Rather then do the promoting for others I would rather empower others how to do it themselves.   For me it’s all about letting go and honing in on the things I LOVE to do.  To make it quick, easy and cheap, I took this need for change and parlayed it into my first little e-book.

It is different in that it is a niche book, a mere 3 pages focused just on local media calendars here in northwest New Jersey. Simple, useable resource to support local entrepreneurs, artists, festival makers, musicians and fundraisers.

I wanted it short and sweet, but mostly helpful to other locals who are following their passions and need help getting the word out on their events.

I wrote it, reviewed it and published it in a weekend.  I wanted to push through any resistance and get it out there before I second guessed it.  I am so glad I did.  Now I can say I am a published author.  And making that shift alone made the book a success for me.

Some of the passions I want to follow in life and on this blog are:

Creating more Writing, Photography and Art.

More Creative Movement with Nia, Ageless Grace and the many opportunities at the new Whirled Revolution Flow/Movement Studio.

Living in Abundance on a Shoestring.

Homeschooling and unschooling.

Supporting Local Economy.

Life beyond Northwest New Jersey.

When I look at the sum of the whole of this, it seems like a lot of different directions.  For me though, this is following my passion(s).  It is not a linear road for me. More of a spiral, moving into varied CREATIVE directions, with flow.

I look forward to sharing my journey.










About Kath Galvin Cameron

Kath is a freelance writer, community organizer, photographer and blogger. She has been involved in writing, promoting and community outreach. She has produced many musical, cultural, artistic and green events in North West New Jersey for over 15 years. She is the founder of Northwest New Jersey Homeschoolers, and has been involved with supporting natural learning at all stages of life.

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